Who We Are

Além provides a totally integrated, global approach to event management that has been bringing brands, places and projects to life for more than 35 years. Além takes its name from the Portuguese word for “Beyond”.  Going beyond – in what we create and how we deliver – is what we offer our clients on every program we manage. We provide consulting, management and logistical expertise to develop events that deliver best in class, custom solutions both globally and locally.  We transport things like flames and visions and dreams around the world.  What separates us from others is not WHAT we do but HOW we do it.

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We believe in asking what if?
and why not?
and constantly pushing ourselves to GO BEYOND.

What We Do

What other company can say they have circled the world, traveling to 35 cities in 27 countries in 36 days before delivering the Olympic flame to its final destination in Athens, Greece?

But we are much more than an Olympic events company; we have created thousands of events for corporations, governments and sports federations around the world, producing unforgettable experiences, memories and legacies.

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